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About Us

Today I'm going to tell you about Shewolf Medical Services. 
I am the founder of Semra Özcan Shewolf Medical. 
We serve in the medical tourism sector, where Turkey is rapidly advancing towards becoming a leading country. 
As Shewolf Medical, we serve our patients coming from abroad for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes.

Currently, in addition to plastic surgery, obesity surgery, dental treatments and hair transplantation, which are the most demanded ones, we also provide patient services in therapeutic areas such as cancer, organ transplantation, IVF treatment. 

From America to Europe, from the Arabian peninsula to the Far East, everyone now knows that health services are provided in Turkey with high quality medical teams and equipment at affordable budgets. 

Turkish doctors and the medical community are not only responsible for their successful results, but also for the best examples of service of Turkish hospitality. For this reason, our patients leave Turkey with very high satisfaction.

Our feature that puts us in a different place in our sector is to evaluate the personal needs of each of our patients and to ensure that they receive treatment in the doctor and hospital specialized in the procedure or treatment they need. 

We are very selective in the doctors we work with. Because we see every patient who comes as a friend and a part of our family who asks us for advice. 

We always keep our standards high in our doctor preferences. We work with the best surgeons in Turkey. 

Again, in addition to graduating from the best medical faculties in Turkey, we prefer them to follow international developments and have experience in studying and working abroad. 
We are also looking for a minimum of 10 years of experience.

For our patients for therapeutic purposes, we are working with experienced and expert doctors and their teams, who are definitely in the top 10 in Turkey in terms of that disease. 

Surgical procedures are always risky operations. For this reason, we show the same sensitivity we show about doctors in the choice of hospital where the treatment will take place. 

Our most important criterion in choosing a hospital is that it is a fully equipped hospital that meets all international standards. 
Having an operating room environment in very good conditions in the hospital. 
To have an anesthesia team with a high average experience. 
To have specialist doctors in every field who can intervene urgently in any problem that may occur during the operation. 
Their equipment is modern and high-tech. 
One of the most important factors in the postoperative process is the high standard of housekeeping services. 
Providing 24-hour translation service. 
Being close to the city center.

For this reason, we prefer to work only with the best hospitals in Turkey. 

In order for our patients coming from abroad to spend both their treatment processes and the time they will spend in the city in the most comfortable way, we plan the whole process from the moment they land at the airport to the time they set off for home. 

We plan every topic they want and need, and we provide all kinds of support for them to enjoy their time in Turkey, including a translator who speaks their own language whenever they want.

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