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Check up Packages

Plastic Surgeries


If you are in this section, it means you are interested in modern technologies that are aimed to fully examine your health. Such a diagnostics is called Check-Up. Check-Up is an effective method of maintaining your health and preventing disease. Check-up is a 1-day screening method that shows your health status. Based on it you receive recommendations for further treatment if needed.

Diagnostics is conducted within one day, sometimes two. Duration depends on the package you have chosen. All tests are taken in one department of the hospital. There are also specialized doctors who conduct examinations and do the necessary procedures. You will not need to stay in the queue, move different floors to find the right examination room or doctor. All entire diagnostic process takes place in one department where you will be guided by medical staff. Based on results, your doctor makes recommendations, recommends the right treatment, if necessary. You will also receive all detailed transcripts of your examination in electronic and written form for your convenience.

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